Saddle Demo Program

Probably one of the most difficult decisions to make for your bike is what saddle to buy. There are so many, and most of us go through four or five saddles before we find the perfect one. How expensive is that?

METALMTN wants you to find the saddle that’s right for you, so we offer a saddle demo program. We keep a healthy stock of test saddles for our customers to try on for size.

How it works

You pay $25 (a non-refundable deposit) to test any of our saddles. If you don’t like it, swap it out for another at no additional charge. Go through all of our test saddles if you want, until you find the right one. If you buy from us, your $25 will be applied toward your final purchase.

Please note: If you keep a test saddle for longer than 2 weeks, we’ll give you a ring. If we don’t hear from you, we’ll have to charge you the full price of the saddle so we can replace it.